Application of infrared heating tube

Compared with traditional heating methods such as steam, hot air and resistance, infrared heating technology has the advantages of fast heating speed, energy saving, environmental protection, less pollution, convenient operation and high safety. Because infrared heating is radiation heating, it will not pollute the environment, and the electric heating quartz tube has high safety and little harm to human body. Infrared heat lamp tube is not only easy to control the temperature, but also improve the product quality. The infrared ray has a certain penetration ability, so that the internal and surface molecules of the material absorb the radiation energy at the same time, produce the self heating effect, evaporate the water and other solvent molecules, heat evenly, and avoid the deformation or qualitative change caused by uneven thermal expansion. Therefore, infrared heating is widely used in all aspects of life.

Printing industry: drying and curing of glue and ink;

Glass industry: glass annealing and coating drying;

Packaging industry: PET bottle blowing, laminating, ink drying;

Shoe-making industry: activation and drying of glue;

Furniture industry: fast drying;

Rubber industry: surface modification, softening and molding of plastics;

Photovoltaic industry: sintering, substrate drying, spraying and preheating;

Automotive Industry: Vehicle baking and local paint repair, sunshine simulation environment warehouse

Textile industry: fabric preheating, drying, pressing and activation of adhesives;

Daily life: clothing out of tide, animal breeding, etc.

Food industry: food drying, food heating, food packaging material molding, food high temperature sterilization;

Coating and surface coating industry: rapid drying and rapid curing.

Plastic products industry: heating is required for hot bending, stretching, blowing and embossing of plastics and plastic products, tempering, hardening, gluing and drying of plastics, separation of plastic waste residue, etc

Composite materials: automobile ceiling, carpet, door interior trim panel, instrument panel, coat hanger, sound insulation parts, tire cover plate, etc

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