Application of Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology in Swimming Pool

Ultraviolet technology is a well-developed water treatment technology that can be used for swimming pool water treatment. From the success of the water purification program used in high-load swimming pools to today, the application field of swimming pool UV lamp water treatment technology has been greatly expanded, and it has been widely used in hydrotherapy pools, small spa facilities in hotels and Olympic standard swimming pools. With the wide application of ultraviolet technology, the reliability and ease of use of this technology are more and more recognized by everyone. In response to the public's continuous improvement of swimming pool quality requirements and national regulations on the control of trihalomethane content, as well as the desire of many swimming pool operators to reduce the amount of chlorine used. The advantages of swimming pool UV lamp disinfection are as follows.

1. UV lamps for swimming pool can reduce chlorine dosage

Disinfection by-products such as chloramines are produced when chlorine reacts with organic compounds in swimmers. These by-products are the source of discomfort to people's eyes and respiratory organs. Chloramines are corrosive and can attack pool walls and pipes. By exposing the full cycle water flow to UV radiation, swimming pool UV lights can reduce chlorine usage to within the required range.

2. Ultraviolet light for swimming pools can reduce residual chlorine

The chlorine content in the pool water is reduced, reducing disinfection by-products, and the pool ultraviolet tube light makes the pool environment healthier.

3. UV lamps for swimming pool reduce trihalomethanes

One of the disinfection by-products in pool water that is chlorinated is trihalomethanes, a suspected carcinogen. The use of swimming pool ultraviolet light irradiation, combined with reduced chlorine dosage, can reduce the level of chloroform in the pool water.

4. UV lamps for swimming pool kill Legionella in swimming pools and showers

Legionella bacteria are extremely dangerous cancer-causing microorganisms found in swimming pools and hydrothermal showers. It fights residual chlorine, but is killed by swimming pool UV lights. Temperature does not affect the action of the UV light, making it ideal for warm baths.

5. Ultraviolet light for swimming pools kills microorganisms

Another benefit of using UV technology to purify swimming pool water is that it can permanently inactivate chlorine-resistant microorganisms, such as Legionella pneumophila, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas, Innospora, amoeba, and bacteria. UV rays inactivate by destroying the repair enzymes of these microorganisms.

Swimming pool ultraviolet lamps are used to sterilize water and air. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps produce ultraviolet rays in the band. When bacteria, viruses, and algae in water are irradiated by a certain dose of UVC, the DNA and RNA structures of the cells are destroyed, the cells cannot be regenerated, and the bacteria and viruses lose their ability to replicate themselves, thereby achieving the purpose of sterilization.

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