Application of UV Disinfection Lamps in Aviation Aircraft

1. UV disinfection lamps are widely used in the aviation field

UVC UV disinfection lamps have the advantages of environmental protection, no secondary pollution, and efficient disinfection in the field of sterilization and disinfection in public transportation. Such as the bus and subway are widely used. In view of the spread of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic, aviation aircraft as a public travel tool have also used UV disinfection lamps to disinfect the cockpit and cabin to improve public safety and hygiene. Some airlines have used ultraviolet uvc germicidal lamps on aircraft at hub airports to disinfect pilot cockpits, cargo compartments and cabins, providing pilots and passengers with a safe and hygienic environment. Handheld short-wave UV disinfection lamps can kill most viruses that may reside on seats, sensitive switches, and tableware in the cockpit, passenger cabin, and cargo compartment.

Airlines have conducted relevant tests on short-wave ultraviolet uvc disinfection lamps as a disinfection tool and achieved quite good disinfection effects. Compared with traditional chemical disinfection liquid disinfection methods, UVC UV disinfection lamps have natural advantages. For example, many working parts, screens and components in the cockpit are difficult to clean with traditional towels and liquid disinfectants. Agent disinfection often encounters disinfection dead ends. The use of UV disinfection lamps enables faster and more efficient disinfection of one of the most critical areas of an aircraft.

2. The future development trend of UV disinfection lamps

After experiencing this epidemic, everyone will definitely pay more attention to hygiene, and the demand for sterilization should increase. However, ultraviolet uvc disinfection lamp is a very professional application product. Some people compare that ultraviolet lamps are equivalent to prescription drugs in medicine, and they need to be used with caution under the guidance of professionals, especially emphasizing the use guidelines and precautions. In the future, ultraviolet disinfection will be more intelligent. Integrated applications such as home appliances, lamps, furniture, bathrooms, etc. are all possible.

Household UV disinfection lamps are currently a popular product, but there has been continuous demand in the commercial field. For example, the latest design requirements for educational lighting must have a light disinfection function, and this light disinfection function is realized through an intelligent control system. In the future, the lighting industry will inevitably develop in the direction of customized light, intelligent light and healthy light. The light health achieved through customization and intelligence not only brings people lighting and lighting, but also brings people healthy physiology and psychology. It is an inevitable path for the development and upgrading of the lighting industry.

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