Application Range and Advantages of Infrared Heating Tube

The infrared heating tube is a light source started by a high-power supply from a tungsten-coated quartz lamp tube. The light source belongs to the halogen tungsten lamp series, the wavelength range is 0.76-5μm, the peak wavelength is 4μm, and it emits short and medium-wave infrared rays. It is an efficient heating source. When the color temperature reaches 2500K, its infrared spectral output is relatively large, and some also have a reflective layer. The filament is supported by tungsten filaments to prevent sagging, featuring high efficiency and fast heat transfer. In addition, it has the advantages of responsive control device, compact structure and light weight. And the lighting position can be horizontal or any position.

Ⅰ. Application of infrared heating tube

Infrared heating tube is suitable for industries that need heating: painting, printing and dyeing, food, electronics, medicine, textile, wood, paper, automobile, plastic, household, shoemaking, metal, heat treatment, packaging machinery and heating, etc.

Infrared heating tube is suitable for a variety of different heating objects: plastics, paper, paints, coatings, air, textiles, cardboard, printed circuit boards, leather, rubber, oil, ceramics and glass, etc.

Ⅱ. Advantages of infrared heating tube

(1) Heat transfer is very easy and direct - no contact or medium such as air or water is required.

(2) The infrared heating tube system can be easily integrated into the production line - by applying a special-shaped radiator or heating system, the external heating and production can be controlled synchronously.

(3) The use of infrared heating is both economical and accurate - choosing the appropriate disinfection lamp supplier and radiator, the heating process will be more efficient and reduce energy waste.

(4) Infrared radiation is both safe and environmentally friendly - the radiator can be turned on or off quickly, and the infrared heating lamp tube can help reduce the loss of radiant energy. Thus, infrared heating is an excellent way to save time, money and space in the automotive industry.

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