Automobile Manufacturing Industry

Types of IR Tube in Automobile Manufacturing Industry

  • Baking Paint For Automobile Body And Parts

    Infrared heating technology features infrared heating is a non-contact heating process in which the internal energy of the radiation source is converted into radiation energy for heat transfer. Easy installation infrared heaters only need fixed installation and power supply, no other mechanical structures are required, reducing installation costs.

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  • Thermoforming of Automotive Interior Parts

    The heat can penetrate into the object to be heated, to avoid instantaneous surface overheating infrared heating is radiation heating, will not occur in the surface of the object to be heated strong heat exchange, can avoid the use of, for example, hot plate heating and other contact heating when the smoke and surface damage.

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The Advantages of Longpro Infrared Tube in Automobile Manufacturing Industry

  • Save production time, money and space

  • Make the production process more efficient, economic and environmental protection.

  • Quick controllable heat

  • Energy Saving

Infrared Tube Application in Automobile Manufacturing Industry

  • The car has now become the main indispensable transportation in our life, and there will be more or less bumps in the trip, so the car baking industry came into being.

    Because of the strong infrared heat lamp radiation penetration, baking process due to the matching wavelength will let the water and solvent in the paint evaporate first, will not be due to the evaporation of water and solvent inside and make the exterior has dried solid paint layer bubbles and small holes, so the effect of baking out more on better, can effectively improve the quality of the paint surface, increase the strength of the paint film adhesion, higher strength, brighter and better toughness.

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