Do You Know How to the Use Infrared Heating Tube?

Infrared heating tube has the advantage of energy saving due to its rapid heating speed during use. However, it is important to master the correct usage method to prevent tube bursting. There are many other things to pay attention to throughout the process. If you are unsure, read on for a detailed introduction.

Physical Characteristics of Infrared Heating Tube

(1) The heating effect of this type of tube is one of the prominent heating methods among current methods under heating conditions.

(2) The tube has strong heating penetration ability under heating conditions, and its heating effect under the foggy state is also strong. In addition, the heating effect on the fog is mainly limited by the wavelength of the tube. Different infrared wavelengths are emitted by objects with different characteristics, and infrared radiation with similar characteristics is easily received by similar objects instead of gases.

(3) When using infrared heating technology for heating and drying, the thermal energy is mainly transmitted by radiation, and the radiation intensity is proportional to the fourth power of the temperature.

Introduction to the Usage Method of Infrared Heating Tube

Most friends may not be very familiar with the usage method of infrared heating tube. It is necessary to operate properly according to the correct method, otherwise many faults may be caused. During the whole process, the heating tube must not be rigidly fixed at both ends to prevent it from breaking due to improper mechanical force. Also, the ceramic seat at both ends of the heating tube and the equipment support should be as free as possible, and the axial and nearby gaps should be no less than 1-3mm. If you choose elastic clamping here, you need to ensure that there is enough thermal expansion space between the tube body and the rigid body. If conditions permit, you can place the ceramic head of the heating tube in the low temperature zone to extend the service life of the product.

If you are still unclear about the usage method of infrared heating tube, you can consult the professional customer service personnel of the manufacturer or call to inquire. In short, you must follow the requirements. After inquiring about the usage method of infrared heating tube from the manufacturer, install it carefully. However, during installation, you also need to pay attention to the power lead-out wire of the heating tube. When installing the device, please cover it with heat-resistant insulating ceramic sleeve or glass fiber tube to prevent possible electric leakage risk.

Overall, as a type of heating source, the infrared heating tube has a quartz bubble shell and tungsten wire, which can avoid blackening of the tube wall and the resulting decrease in light flux. There are many advantages to these lamps. For example, they have high efficiency, fast heat transfer, and a sensitive response to control equipment. Moreover, their structure is compact and lightweight. These lamps have the same basic structure as conventional double-ended halogen lamps, with longitudinal single or double helical filaments in the lamp tube sealed by aluminum foil at both ends. They are simple to operate. That's all for today's content. Hope it can help you.

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