Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of ozone and ozone-free UV germicidal lamps?

The spectral lines of ultraviolet sterilization lamps are mainly 254nm and 185nm. Among them, 254nm is the ozone-free ultraviolet ray and 185nm is the ozone-free ultraviolet ray.

Ozone Sterilization Advantages And Disadvantages

Ozone type:

Advantages: UV ozone germicidal lamp has a strong oxidation, can effectively kill bacteria, ozone dispersion can just make up for the ultraviolet ray only along the straight line, disinfection has the shortcoming of dead Angle.

Weakness: but exceed bid ozone is an invisible killer! It strongly irritates people's respiratory tract, resulting in sore throat, chest cough, bronchitis and emphysema, elimination of poison need to open a window for ventilation.


Advantages: no ozone, sterilized people can enter the room immediately.

Disadvantages: only along the straight line, disinfection has a dead corner.

 Now you may have a general understanding of ozone sterilization advantages and disadvantages.

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