UV Lamp for Elevator

The elevator space is narrow and airtight, with frequent and dense personnel entering and exiting, and it is extremely easy to be contaminated. The use of ultraviolet disinfection lamps to sterilize the space can effectively kill bacteria and viruses in the space.

Attention:The uv lights for elevators are harmful to the human body and cannot be directly irradiated to the human body. Keep away during disinfection.

UV Lamp for Elevator

Elevator-specific intelligent UV disinfection device, as a powerful supplement to the traditional spraying disinfection method, largely solves the problem of untimely, incomplete and unsafe spraying disinfection. By linking and coordinating the work of human presence sensors and other components, the intelligent disinfection mode is realized: automatic disinfection according to the set plan after people leave the elevator, automatic shutdown after disinfection is completed, and disinfection stops immediately after people enter the elevator during the disinfection process. On the premise of allowing passengers to ride safely in elevators, it achieves all-round and timely disinfection of the elevator environment without dedicated operation and moderate disinfection to achieve the ideal disinfection effect.

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