Are you factory or Trading Company?

We are a professional factory which has been producing UV germicidal lamp and sterilizer for many years. You are always warmly welcome to visit our factory.

What's your advantage compared with other suppliers?

Our UVC lamps are made with high-quality quartz.Our advantage is that all the production processes of UVC lamps are completed by ourselves, with quality monitoring throughout the whole process.

What's my consideration when I choose one model of uv lamps?

Watts, Length, Volt and current about the electric ballast.

What is the difference between normal and amalgam lamps?

Compared with the normal lamps, Amalgam lamp increase the ultraviolet output efficiency by 2-3 times at the same length.and it also can stand above 70°C.

Do you accept customize design?

Yes, we are offering OEM and ODM service as well.

Is it better for UV lamps to have ozone or no ozone?

With or without ozone, there are advantages and disadvantages. If there are more items stacked on the site, more dead corners and long-term inability to get sunlight, which leads to moisture and mold growth, or places with formaldehyde (and good ventilation), it is recommended to use UV lamps with ozone. If the site is relatively open, the ventilation is poor, and the ozone smell is a concern, it is recommended to choose a UV lamp without ozone.

Can people and plants be on site after the UV lamp is turned on?

After the UV light is officially turned on, please leave the scene within 10 seconds. During the use of the UV lamp, no animals and plants can be left on the site to avoid skin burns or plant death caused by the ultraviolet rays generated by the UV lamp.

Xin'an Industrial Zone, Danzao Town, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China