Frequently Asked Questions and Answers When Using Infrared Heating

Many of our customers will worry about some questions when they want to use infrared heating. As a senior infrared heating manufacturer, LONGPRO has accumulated some experience in the heating field. We will answer them one by one for you as follows.

1. When the infrared heating tube is used, the drying speed is so fast, will it consume a lot of electricity?

No, and quite the opposite. Switching to the correct infrared heating will be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than hot air, because infrared heating converts electrical energy into radiant energy that is more suitable for the absorption of the heated object, so that the surface of the object can be directly heated, even if the power is used in the same way as the hot air, However, because the heating time is much shorter, the overall energy consumption (power x time) is still less than that of the hot air, so the production capacity is improved, and the energy consumption cost of each heated workpiece is reduced. Generally speaking, use infrared heating tubes instead. Compared with traditional hot air drying, it can save energy by more than 30%.

2. Now that other heating methods are used, will the heating cost be high if you want to switch to infrared heating tubes?

It can be said for sure that the cost of using infrared heating tubes is much lower than other methods. As long as the infrared lamps of the correct wavelength are used and the principle is actually understood, the heating equipment is designed with the correct concept, not hot air. The traditional design concept of the furnace is hard-covered, although the unit price of the lamp is slightly higher than that of the general heater, the cost of the infrared heating equipment will definitely be lower than that of the hot blast stove, because the overall equipment scale will be greatly reduced, no combustion chamber, no additional air supply fans are required, and for the end user, the plant area can be saved, and all of this will reduce the corresponding cost.

3. When using an infrared heating tube, will frequent switching have adverse effects on the lamp?

This happens from time to time, because each manufacturer chooses different control methods for heating. It has little effect on the service life of the infrared heating tube at low temperature, but has a certain impact on the life of the lamp at high temperature, because it involves frequent startup problems, and has current surges, which will cause damage to the control components, so we do not agree with this, and we prefer you to use PLC to control the power output percentage when controlling the lamp.

4. Use hot air to dry the paint, but the paint bubbles and orange peel. Will this happen when switching to infrared heating tube?

The characteristic of the hot blast stove is to slowly penetrate the heat from the surface into the interior of the coating by means of transmission. If the set temperature is too high, it is easy for the surface to dry immediately, and the paint will harden after drying, and the interior of the coating will also receive heat. After that, the volatiles inside the paint begin to generate and even sublime or volatilize, but because the surface has hardened, the volatiles cannot leave the coating smoothly. If they break through the hardened part of the surface, defects such as craters or orange peel will appear. The advantage of the infrared heating tube is that the heat energy penetrates into the coating in the form of light radiation, so that the inside and outside of the coating can be heated almost at the same time, so as to achieve the effect of drying inside and outside at the same time. Most of the defects of craters and orange peels improve the product qualification rate. Another additional benefit is that the overall temperature of the substrate is relatively low, which can greatly reduce the cooling time and wasted energy.

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