How to Choose the Right Carbon Fiber Infrared Heat Lamp Tube?

Infrared heating has been used in the industry for decades, but there are still many traditional stainless steel electric heating tubes in the heating field. Due to the low heating efficiency and the frequent burnout of the heating wire, the stainless steel electric heating tube causes high equipment maintenance costs, leading to lots of trouble. For example, the vast majority of tunnel furnaces are used for heating and curing in the surface spraying industry. The traditional heating process of metal heating tubes lasts 15min-30min at the rated temperature. Due to the long time, either reduce the line speed or lengthen the length of the tunnel furnace. Therefore, the length of the heating furnace is relatively long, the floor area is relatively large, and the space is wasted seriously.

Now if the infrared heating technology of carbon fiber heating tube is used, the curing time can be shortened to 30-180s with only 50%-70% of the installed power, and the length of the heating furnace is only 1/5-1/10 of the traditional one, saving resources comprehensively. And energy more than 70%, rewriting the traditional heating curing process, also known as a revolution in coating curing. So how can you make your heating tube do more with less? The best way is to choose the right carbon fiber IR heater tube.

1. Match the wavelength, the spectral wavelength of the IR heater tube needs to match the infrared spectral wavelength absorbed by the heated object

In the working principle of infrared heating lamp, it is mentioned that "when the wavelength of infrared radiation radiated by the heating tube is consistent with the wavelength absorbed by the heated material, the object to be heated can absorb a large amount of infrared light, causing the molecules and atoms inside the object to resonate. The temperature of the object increases, so as to achieve the purpose of heating". Based on the above, the first step in purchasing a heating tube is to confirm the wavelength of the heating material, and then match the IR heater tube according to the wavelength.

2. After the type of lamp tube is determined, does the IR heater tube need to be coated and which coating to choose?

Why use coatings? So what are the benefits of coating? When the direction of the object to be heated is fixed, the coating helps the heating tube to conduct and focus the energy carried by the infrared rays on the material to be heated, saving unnecessary heat loss and thus more efficient heating.

At present, there are two kinds of coatings on the market, semi-gold-plated reflection layer and semi-white-plated reflection layer. Reflectivity: 90% of gold-plated coating, 70% of white-plated coating, the working environment temperature of gold-plated coating is lower than 600℃, it can be used normally, and the white-plated coating can be used at high temperature of 900℃-1000℃.

Based on the above two basic conditions, users have a basic understanding when choosing carbon fiber infrared heating lamps, so that they can choose a professional, reliable and suitable business on this basis. The carbon fiber infrared heating lamp that suits you can get twice the result with half the effort in the application.

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