How to test whether the ultraviolet lamp is qualified?

  1. Install the ultraviolet lamp on the measuring stand and indicate the exposure table at the vertical center position below the lamp tube (the distance between the lamp tube and the exposure table can be adjusted up and down to reach the specified intensity of exposure during detection).

  2. Open the TUV36W UV sterilizer light tube, and after 5min, the tube will work steadily. According to the intensity indicated by each standard color block on the indicator card, adjust the ultraviolet radiation intensity (measured by illuminometer) at the test point in the center of the irradiation table under the lamp tube respectively for subsequent irradiation test.

  3. During the irradiation test, the discoloration area of the indicator card shall be irradiated on the measuring stand. Each group of 10 indicator CARDS was divided into one group, each group was irradiated for 1 min, and each intensity irradiated for 3 groups (a total of 30 indicator CARDS).

  4. Immediately after irradiation, observe the illuminated indicator card with the naked eye, and compare the color blocks in the discoloration area with the corresponding standard color blocks.

  5. At the same time, determine the intensity of UV exposure with an illuminometer to check with the result of the indicator card.

  6. If the coincidence rate between the color block of the discoloration area and the standard color block and the detection result of the indicator card and the measurement result of the illuminometer is ≥90%, it can be judged as qualified.

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