In What Way is the Infrared Heating Tube Heated?

The infrared heating tube is one of the contemporary products with high thermal efficiency and energy saving. It generates infrared radiation energy of a certain wavelength, and has the remarkable characteristics of high intensity, high thermal efficiency, high penetration, and low energy consumption. The use of this heating tube to make heating equipment such as heaters, hot air heaters, ovens, and drying tunnels can greatly improve work efficiency, shorten heating cycles, save heating energy, and reduce production costs, so it has been widely used. It is a true "green product".

1. Application of infrared heating tube

Infrared heating tube technology has been widely used in painting, printing, packaging containers, plastic processing, printing and dyeing, food processing, wood drying, chemical and pharmaceutical, heat treatment, and other industries that require heating.

2. Heating methods of nnfrared heating tube: infrared radiation heating technology

When the current passes through the heating wire of the heating tube made of special material, the heating tube (quartz glass) will radiate infrared rays of a certain wavelength. When the infrared rays are absorbed by the object, the molecules inside the object are activated to collide and incapable movement, resulting in a  large amount of heat energy, and the object is heated "from the inside to the surface".

The technology that uses this characteristic to heat objects is called infrared radiation heating technology. By changing the cross-sectional size, length, winding method of the heating wire, and the composition of the inert gas material, infrared radiation of different wavelengths can be generated to suit different heating objects. The infrared heating tube is mainly used in industrial applications for short waves with wavelengths of about 0.76~1.6um, medium waves with wavelengths of about 1.6~4um, and long waves with wavelengths greater than 4um. Short-wave infrared radiation is also called near-infrared radiation, and medium-wave and long-wave radiation is also called far-infrared radiation.

Since the thermal inertia of the infrared radiation tube is extremely small and the thermal efficiency is very high, the infrared heating tube uses the infrared radiation heating technology to heat the workpiece with high density, high energy, high strength, and high quality, so as to save heating energy, improve heating quality, shorten heating time, and reduce quota and environmental pollution.

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