Industrial Exhaust Gas Treatment

Types of UV Tube in Industrial Exhaust Gas Treatment

  • Industrial Exhaust Gas Treatment

    High-energy UV beam is used to crack the molecular bonds of bacteria in the odor gas and destroy the nucleic acid (DNA) of bacteria, and then the oxidation reaction is carried out by ozone to completely achieve the purpose of deodorization and killing bacteria.

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Introduction to UV Industrial Exhaust Air Treatment

  • With the development of industry, a large number of cement plants, chemical plants, material production plants, and petrochemical industries form exhaust gases, odors, and fumes during the production process to cause air pollution in the atmosphere. These industrial waste gases are complex in composition, fast spreading, large emissions and difficult to treat thoroughly. However, UV photolysis waste gas treatment method is favored by the market through high energy UV light to decompose the waste gas molecules and quickly oxidize harmless substances to achieve the purpose of purification.

Principle of UV Industrial Exhaust Air Treatment

  • The principles of exhaust gas treatment with UV photolysis, activated carbon adsorption method, catalytic combustion method, catalytic oxidation method, acid-base neutralization method, plasma method and many other principles and deodorization equipment. UV photolysis exhaust gas treatment equipment using the most advanced technology concept, through experts and engineers long-term repeated experiments, research and development, with completely independent intellectual property rights of high-tech environmental protection purification products can thoroughly decompose toxic and harmful substances in industrial waste gas. UV industrial exhaust air treatment can achieve the perfect deodorization effect, purification, industrial waste decomposition, emissions can reach completely harmless, will not produce secondary pollution, while achieving efficient disinfection sterilization effect.

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