Infrared heating replaces hot air heating

Infrared heating tubes have been widely used in coating, printing, paper making, glass drying, photovoltaic industry and other fields, and have received a lot of praise, attracting many repeat customers and recommended customers. Among them, the energy-saving effect of infrared heating tubes has made many customers very satisfied.

Let's briefly introduce the energy-saving secret of infrared heating tube:

The traditional hot air heating equipment has the advantages of large volume, long preheating time, slow drying speed, and needs a closed space. Its principle is to transfer heat to the heated object surface through air. Therefore, it takes a long time to achieve the temperature balance of the object surface and heat deeply inside the object.

The infrared heat lamp tube can be dried in an open or sealed environment. Due to the high infrared absorption efficiency of the dried material, while ensuring the drying quality and efficiency. In addition, short wave, medium wave and other wavelengths can very well match the absorption spectrum of most materials, can effectively meet the needs of workpieces of different materials, and can customize the heating scheme for customers according to the performance of the heated object. The new short wave and medium wave radiation heating adopts a simple and direct heat transfer mode, which is more energy-saving. The "from inside to outside" simultaneous heating feature can improve the quality of the workpiece and is suitable for most heated objects. Therefore, the infrared heating tube has the advantages of good thermal efficiency, energy saving, simple installation, clean and high cost performance.

It is precisely because of the advantages of infrared heating that infrared replaces hot air heating. The characteristics of infrared heating make it catch up in the market.

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