Kitchen Exhaust Air Treatment

Types of UV Tube in Kitchen Exhaust Air Treatment

  • Kitchen Ultraviolet Fume Purification

    UV grease purification keeps kitchens free from grease contamination while eliminating exhaust odors. Treatment is carried out using high-energy UV radiation that photolyzes, destroys and neutralizes grease and odor molecules. This keeps kitchen hood surfaces shiny and clean and greatly eases the cleaning of exhaust pathways.

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The Basic Principle of UV Light for Kitchen Exhaust

  • Low-pressure UV lamps can produce two wavelengths of UV light, 254nm and 185nm, of which the ionization effect of 185nm UV light can use the ambient air to produce ozone, and the strong oxidation effect of ozone can purify the odor in the air. In addition, the high-energy radiation of 185nm UV can also decompose the grease molecules in the grease into white powder, so that there is no grease component in the kitchen emissions, which can no longer be attached to the wall of the exhaust pipe, thus eliminating the fire hazard in the kitchen, and also achieving the purpose of purifying the air and protecting the environment. So far, any other methods being used cannot solve the problem of grease accumulation in the smoke exhaust pipe, and there is no way to eliminate fire hazards.

The Advantages of Longpro UV Lamps in Kitchen Exhaust Air Treatment

  • No fire hazard from grease accumulation

  • Elimination of smells with UV light enables circulating-air operation with heat recovery.

  • UV light reduces emission problems, so that regulations can be met or permits obtained.

  • High-energy UV radiation reduces grease accumulation. This makes cleaning easier and saves costs.

  • Better hygiene through germ reduction.

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