Paint and Surface Coating Industry

Types of IR Tube in Paint and Surface Coating Industry

  • Drying the Outer Surface Coating of Wind Turbine Blades

    The uv photolysis lamp mainly uses the dual-spectrum feature of a special low-pressure UV lamp that emits both 185nm UV and 254nm UV. The 185nm UV emitted by the lamp can trigger the O2 (oxygen) in the air to be converted into O3 (ozone). Ozone has a strong oxidizing ability, and after it is fully mixed with hydrocarbons (such as benzene, hydrocarbons, alcohols, lipids, etc.) in the exhaust gas of the paint booth, it can directly oxidize and decompose these harmful pollutants into water and carbon dioxide under the catalytic conditions of the 254nm UV radiation emitted by the lamp.

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The Advantages of Longpro Infrared Heating Tube in Paint and Surface Coating Industry

  • Short wave infrared ray can penetrate dozens of microns thick coating.

  • From inside to outside heated by infrared heating tube.

  • Coating dry quickly, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid curing. 

  • Fast curing speed, high thermal efficiency and good coating quality.

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