Dual Tube Infrared Heating Tube

twin tube infrared heating tube 2
twin tube infrared heating tube 2
twin tube infrared heating tube 1
twin tube infrared heating tube 3

This kind of industrial heat lamp is made of high-purity double tube transparent quartz tube, with gold plating on the back, overall gold plating or white coating on the back, which greatly improves the radiation efficiency and saves energy consumption.

Voltage, power and length of an industrial heat lamp can be customized according to requirements.

Specification of Dual Tube Infrared Heating Tube


Medium wave twin IR Lamp





Tube size

8*18/11*23/15*33 (mm)

Heated Length


Filament type

Tungsten / Carbon

Lamp tube material

Quartz tube


Gold / Ceramic white / Clear

Filament Temperature

800° C-950° C

Response time

1 - 4 min


many types of voltage,wattage,length,base,cables,universal burning position is available

Features of Electric Infrared Tube Heater

Infrared heating technology is a non-contact heating process in which the internal energy of the radiation source is converted into radiation energy for heat transfer. Compared to other heating methods, electric infrared tube heater has the following characteristics.

High thermal efficiency usually infrared heating sources have an electrical conversion efficiency of more than 90%. Electric infrared tube heater has high electrical heating efficiency, which could reduce electricity expenses and energy loss.

Different materials of electric infrared tube heater have different infrared absorption efficiencies plastic, water, paper and other non-metallic materials have an absorption rate of over 90% for mid-wave infrared.

Easy installation electric infrared tube heater only need fixed installation and power supply, no other mechanical structures are required, reducing installation costs.

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