Infrared Heating Tube With White Coating

infrared heating tube 2
infrared heating tube 2
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Advantages Of Infrared Heat Lamp Tube With White Coating

  • Infrared heating lamp tube unlike convection or conduction, dose not rely on any medium to transfer heat from infrared source to the object being heated, heat directly to the object.

  • Long serving life of infrared heating lamp tube: usually 5000 hours.

  • Fast Reaction Time: About 1-2s to achieve full power output.

  • Energy Saving: Ceramic coating maximize reflect Infrared radiation up to 90%, more energysaving, smaller footprint and better heating results.

  • Green, safe and Environment Protecting: infrared heating lamp tube is nontoxic and peculiar smell, no risk of contamination over environment or target object to be heated.

Specification Of Infrared Heat Lamp Tube With White Coating


Short wave IR Lamp





Tube diameters


Heated Length


Filament type

Tungsten / Carbon

Lamp tube material

Quartz tube


Gold / Ceramic white / Clear

Filament Temperature

1100-2600 ℃

Response time



many types of voltage,wattage,length,base,cables,universal burning position is available

Specification of Infrared Heating Tube with White Coating

Is infrared the same as a heat lamp?

Comprehensive comparison of infrared heating lamp tube and quartz heating tube.

Energy consumption comparison: quartz heat pipe is relying on the wire into resistance heat. Carbon fiber heating body is pure black body material, in the process of electric - thermal transformation, visible light is very small, the power of electrical and thermal transformation of more than 95%, than nickel-chromium, tungsten-molybdenum and other materials as the heating body of the heater, can save 30%.

Life comparison: Usually the service life of quartz heaters is 2000-3000 hours. The service life of infrared heating lamp tube is 5000-8000 hours.

Tube comparison: quartz heating tube only do simple encapsulation treatment, infrared heating tube to do the vacuum treatment. Do destructive test, the quartz heating tube and infrared heating tube power operation for half an hour, while put in the water to do destructive test, the results of the quartz heating tube crack, infrared heating tube intact, power continue to work.

Are infrared heat lamps safe?

Infrared heating is the transfer of energy through infrared light. Industrial heating technology using infrared radiation has many features and advantages.

Infrared heating tube is very fast. Since the energy of infrared light is directly absorbed by material molecules and the energy density of infrared light is large, the temperature of the surface of the object is quickly increased. This speed is much higher than the speed of conduction and convection. The latter requires molecular collisions, which are transferred one level at a time through the conversion of kinetic and potential energy. Infrared heating tubes are surface heating. As mentioned above, infrared radiation heats the surface of an object very quickly, so there is a large temperature difference between the surface and the interior of the object. For the purpose of wanting to heat the surface of an object quickly, this is a very big advantage because infrared heating lamp tube does not cause a large change in the temperature of the material itself. Infrared heating lamp tube saves energy and also does not have a big impact on the humidity, chemical properties, stresses, etc. of the logistics body. But it also has the disadvantage that uneven lighting, or shaded conditions, can cause temperature differences. This is to be compensated by technical means.

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