Medium Pressure UV Water Sterilizer

medium pressure uv water sterilizer
medium pressure uv water sterilizer

Ultraviolet UV Rays is the most safe water disinfection method.

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is the use of ultraviolet radiation to destruct the DNA and RNA of bacteria or virus. The ultraviolet radiation (UVC) can cause irreversible destruction of microbial DNA molecules, which cause microorganisms fail to reproduce and eventually die.

Compared with residual chlorine (Chloramines), UVC is more healthy, and none side-effects.

Features of Medium Pressure Stainless Steel UV Sterilizer

  • Stainless steel UV sterilizer contains the Reactor, cleaning system and an electric box.

  • With MPUV, stainless steel UV sterilizer's effective wavelength range covers 200nm~400nm.

  • With less UV lamps, you can get the same purification effect. All maintenance operation is conducted at the same side.

  • Combined a number of technical innovations, stainless steel UV sterilizer saves the operation cost while keeps the high efficiency. Its electronic ballasts are adjustable for output. With spiral cleaning appliances.

  • With PCL controller, combine diversified monitor functions, such as lamp inspection, running time accumulation, UV intensity monitoring, cleaning system operating, remote communication, etc.

  • Material and Surface Process of stainless steel UV sterilizer

    Body: 304 stainless steel in general ( 316L available), with surface polishing.

    Electric box: Q235 carbon steel; the surface is plastic-spayed for resistance.

  • The service life of LIGHTEARTH stainless steel UV sterilizer is up to 5000 hours, and the sterilization rate is 99.99%

  • Ge214 material high transmittance quartz casing, transmittance 90%

  • Beasun high quality stable ballast

  • SUS304 / 316L stainless steel reactor

  • Equipped with high temperature protection, stainless steel UV sterilizer has automatic exhaust and water flow protection switch

  • Automatic cleaning and manual cleaning devices can be selected

  • PLC touch screen can be selected for online light intensity detection

  • Pressure bearing capacity of stainless steel UV sterilizer: 0.8MPa

Specification of Medium Pressure UV Water Sterilizer


Advantages of Medium Pressure Stainless Steel UV Sterilizer

Compared with ordinary UVC sterilizer, medium pressure UV light water sterilizer uses medium pressure UVC lamps, which can produce a range of 200nm-400nm wavelengths of ultraviolet light. Medium pressure UV light water sterilizer is more effective in destroying microbial organisms or preventing the replication of organisms, and can be more efficient in killing all kinds of microorganisms in the water. In the same UV does, medium pressure UV light water sterilizer’s sterilization speed is relatively faster than low pressure.

Application of Medium Pressure Stainless Steel UV Sterilizer

Medium pressure stainless steel UV sterilizer has high power, which is suitable for pool water treatment, aquaculture water and other large flow of water sterilization. The London 2012 Olympic Games swimming pool uses the medium pressure UV light water sterilizer, which has become the future trend.

What is the advantage of UV disinfected water?

Compared to traditional disinfection methods, UV disinfection is commonly used in various fields of water disinfection because it does not change the physical and chemical properties of the water itself, has less effect on the disinfection results due to temperature changes, does not change the taste of the water during disinfection, and does not produce disinfection by-products. In these office buildings, commercial and residential buildings, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, water plants and other drinking water disinfection sites, the frequency of use of water sources and the amount of use are often very large. Moreover, most of the water is either used as a beverage, enters the body with food, or comes into direct contact with human skin, so water safety is particularly important. With UV disinfection, we can ensure the safety of our customers' water at every step of the way, from restrooms to drinking fountains to water features.

How is UV light used to disinfect water?

There are many methods of water disinfection, which can be basically divided into two categories: physical and chemical. The physical aspects include heating to boiling, ultraviolet disinfection, ultrasonic disinfection and other methods; the chemical aspects include chlorination disinfection, ozone disinfection, heavy metal ion disinfection and other methods. Ultraviolet light wavelength of 3900 ~ 1360 has the ability to sterilize, with 2537 effect is better. UV disinfection, is the use of this wavelength range of light irradiation, in order to achieve a physical method of disinfection. UV mercury lamps are available in high and low pressure (differentiated by the pressure of the mercury vapor inside the tube when the lamp is lit), and the lamps are made of quartz glass. When ignited, UVC lamps radiate a large amount of germicidal UV light and also a small amount of visible light.

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