UV Tube

UV Tube

As an established uv sterilizer lamp supplier with so much experience, LONGPRO has been focusing on the application of china uv lamp industry for many years, providing professional UV tube solutions at a reasonable UV tube price.

Main UV germicidal tube products: UV lamp, UV germicidal lamp, UV disinfection lamp, UV sterilizer, UV sterilizer tube, etc. With high-energy UV light contaminated water, air and surfaces can be disinfected and cleaned safely.

As a leading UV China germicidal lamps supplier, LONGPRO offers a broad range of UVC germicidal tube that are manufactured from high-quality quartz glass. Standard lamps and customized lamps are available.

How does UV sterilizer tube work?

The UVC radiation emitted has a strong bactericidal effect. It is absorbed by the DNA, destroys its structure and inactivates living cells.Microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi are rendered harmless within seconds by UV radiation.If the irradiance is high enough, UV sterilizer tube is a reliable and environmentally-friendly method eliminating the need for chemicals. Moreover, the microorganisms cannot become resistant to UV radiation of germicidal tube.

What Is A UV sterilizer tube Used For?

LONGPRO UV sterilizer tube is widely used in air sterilization, surface sterilization, water treatment sterilization, waste gas treatment and other fields. According to your application situation, provide appropriate UV sterilizer tube solutions.

FAQs of UV Lamp

Is it better for UV sterilizer tube to have ozone or no ozone?

With or without ozone, there are advantages and disadvantages. If there are more items stacked on the site, more dead corners and long-term inability to get sunlight, which leads to moisture and mold growth, or places with formaldehyde (and good ventilation), it is recommended to use UV sterilizer tube with ozone. If the site is relatively open, the ventilation is poor, and the ozone smell is a concern, it is recommended to choose a UV sterilizer tube without ozone.

Can people and plants be on site after the UV sterilizer tube is turned on?

After the UV sterilizer tube is officially turned on, please leave the scene within 10 seconds. During the use of the UV sterilizer tube, no animals and plants can be left on the site to avoid skin burns or plant death caused by the ultraviolet rays generated by the UV sterilizer tube.

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