UV Lamp for Swimming Pools

UV-C ultraviolet sterilization lamp is widely used in the field of water treatment. Due to the broad spectrum of ultraviolet sterilization, it can kill almost all bacteria and viruses with high efficiency. Ultraviolet sterilization does not add any chemicals, so it will not cause secondary pollution to the water body and the surrounding environment, and will not change any components in the water.

UV Lamp for Swimming Pools

Advantages of UV removal of chloramines

  • UV disinfection equipment with a high degree of integration, low human maintenance costs, saving the operator's time and effort.

  • Only energy is needed, no need to add any other chemical reagents. Compared with chemical disinfection, there are no toxic side effects and no potential harm to human body.

  • Medium pressure UV light will destroy all chloramines, monochloramines, dichloramines and trichloramines. Greatly reduce the potential harm to indoor people.

  • UV light can automatically and continuously reduce chloramine compounds in pool water, significantly reduce the exhaust and pollution of swimming pool air, create a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment, and extend the life of buildings and equipment.

  • Significant reduction in overall pool operating costs: UV equipment helps balance the chlorine load, so free chlorine can be kept at a low level. As less chlorine is used, fewer chlorination by-products are generated, less pH buffer is required, fewer chemicals are needed for total pH adjustment, and the potential for disinfection by-products, the less likely.

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