The difference between ultraviolet sterilization lamp and ordinary fluorescent lamp

In at present a lot of disinfect product, ultraviolet ray disinfect lamp is one of common disinfect lamp, with common fluorescent lamp have certain distinction. What is the common difference between ultraviolet sterilization lamp and ordinary fluorescent lamp?

The difference between UV sterilizer light tube and ordinary fluorescent lamp is that the sterilization lamp does not need to stimulate the ultraviolet ray into visible light, the wavelength is 253.7nm ultraviolet ray can play a very good sterilization effect. The absorption spectrum lines of cells to light waves are regular. Cells have the maximum absorption of ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 250~270nm. So what is the effect of these ultraviolet rays absorbed by cells on cells? It can function in the cell's genetic material or DNA, thereby to cells play a allochromatic, ultraviolet photon energy is absorbed DNA base pairs in the cells, it will cause a great deal of genetic material in the cells of variation, this with people by illuminate the x ray cells will arise, ultraviolet irradiation can make the bacteria died instantly or cannot reproduce, under the action of this can achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Although the principle of ultraviolet sterilization lamp and fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamp is the same, but the use of materials is different, ordinary fluorescent lamp USES ordinary glass, but such a material can not make the wavelength is 253.7nm ultraviolet ray out, so ultraviolet sterilization lamp can not use ordinary glass. You should use what material to make uv give up, that is quartz glass, the material of uv transmittance is very high, can reach 90%, so the quartz glass is the best material to do the sterilization lamp, due to the performance of the quartz glass and thermal expansion coefficient and common glass has a very big difference, so the ultraviolet germicidal lamp sealing cannot be used when using the common fluorescent lamp manufacturing high degree of automation of the circular sealing solution, to use manufacturing high technical content of technology, so the ultraviolet germicidal lamp on market price higher than the ordinary energy-saving lamps.

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