Using and Maintaining the UV Lamp Tube

UV tube lamps,like other electronic products, have precautions for installation and future use. Regular maintenance can ensure the service life of UV tube lamps. Several issues should be paid attention to when using ultraviolet germicidal lamps.

Clean the UV Tube Lamp Regularly and Keep It Clean

The dirt on the surface of the UV tube lamp will affect the penetration of ultraviolet light, thereby affecting the sterilization effect, so it needs to be cleaned regularly, and the lamp tube should be wiped with alcohol cotton ball or gauze. It is strictly forbidden to start the UV tube lamp frequently, that is, reduce the number of switches, especially in a short period of time, to ensure the life of the UV tube lamp.

The Replacement of the UV Tube Lamp

When replacing the lamp tube, first unplug the lamp power socket, pull out the lamp tube, then carefully insert the cleaned new lamp tube into the sterilizer, and then plug in the power supply. Be careful not to touch the UV tube lamp directly with your hands. If you find fingerprints or dust, wipe it off before using it, otherwise the bactericidal effect will be affected by the stain.Prevent ultraviolet radiation.Ultraviolet rays have strong lethality to bacteria and certain damage to the human body.When starting the disinfection lamp, avoid direct exposure to the human body. If necessary, use protective glasses. Do not directly look at the light source with your eyes, so as not to burn your eyes.membrane.

Power Supply Frequency of the UV Tube Lamp

For AC power supply, the frequency of the power supply is different, and the radiant flux of the lamp is also different. Therefore, when using or testing the ultraviolet germicidal lamp, the power supply frequency must be fully considered.

The UV Lamp Tube Uses Standard Ballasts

The quality of the ballast used with the UV tube lamp directly affects the light radiation of the UV tube lamp connected in series in the circuit. When evaluating the technical indicators of UV tube lamps, the data measured by using standard ballasts must be convincing under the specified power supply conditions.

The Detection of the UV Lamp Tube

The life of the UV tube lamp is limited. Therefore, a record and monitoring system must be established. For laboratories with high frequency of use, it is recommended that the detection interval should not exceed 1 month.

The Installation of the UV Tube Lamp

The intensity of ultraviolet light decreases with the square of the distance from the light source. Due to its weak penetrating ability, it must be close to the substance being treated. Therefore, ultraviolet light is basically not effective for air disinfection in large open areas, and it is only suitable for local or regional disinfection. The effect of ultraviolet sterilization is related to the irradiation time and distance, and the effect is better if the time is long and the distance is short. The installation of the UV tube lamp should be slightly higher than the top of the staff's head.

At present, it is difficult to accurately calculate the number of UV tube lamps required for the production workshop based on the sterilization rate, because it involves the number of air changes in the room, the height of the production workshop, floor materials, the reflection efficiency of the wall and the roof, etc.The intensity of lamp irradiation is not lower than 70μW/cm 2 .

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