UV Air Disinfection

Types of UV Tube in Air Disinfection

  • Schools/Kindergartens

    UV disinfection lamps have been installed in classrooms throughout the school and are intended for use in the event of infectious diseases and when disinfection is normally required in the classroom. UV disinfection technology was developed to effectively kill pathogenic bacteria present in the air, and with its increased number of applications, numerous studies have shown that the scientific application of UV disinfection technology can achieve equally efficient sterilization results.

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  • Hospitals/Clinics/Laboratories

    Medical UV air disinfection machine is very widely used, mainly because in many air disinfection machine, his whole cost is the highest. Ultraviolet light has a very good sterilization function, we apply it to the air disinfection machine, its sterilization function can be maximized, for some of our respiratory germs, can effectively kill, can ensure that the air we breathe, the total amount of bacteria will not exceed a fixed value, for many patients with lung disease, will have a very good recovery effect.

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  • Elevator

    The elevator disinfection device consists of UV disinfection light source, intelligent controller and human presence sensor, which work through trinity and linkage coordination, and automatically switch on and off disinfection according to the specific use of elevator. The elevator disinfection device has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency sterilization, low cost and timely disinfection, and is suitable for disinfection of the internal air, elevator buttons and car walls of car-type elevators in many occasions.

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  • Disinfection and Sterilization Robot

    UV disinfection technology, with its own sterilization spectrum, sterilization effect is strong and other advantages, can kill the air, objects such as the surface of the distribution of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and other diverse microorganisms have shown a strong killing effect, not only that, with the expansion of the scope of application of ultraviolet disinfection technology, found that it is easy to operate in the process of practical application, and does not cause secondary pollution, has a high value of promotion.

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  • Microphone Sterilizer

    Disinfection using the photochemical transformation of UV light is particularly effective in killing microorganisms and can kill them in a short period of time. Usually, UV lamps can be installed in the air ducts, at the front of the coils, or mounted on a fixed wall.

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The Advantages of Longpro UV air sterilizer lamp

  • Safe, reliable ultraviolet air disinfection of rooms

  • Protection against germs and pathogens

  • 254 nm UVC radiation (Effective sterilization)

  • The low space requirement allows easy retrofitting

  • Easy handling UV air sterilizer lamp

What scenarios are air sterilization uv lights suitable for?

  • Germicidal effect of air sterilization uv lights, mainly is related to the irradiation time and UVC intensity. Different uv air sterilizer lamp, with different UVC strengths, produce a wide range of uses. Because uv air sterilizer lamp has a germicidal effect, they can be used in public settings to avoid the spread of some germs in the air or on the surface of objects. At the same time, there is the elimination of musty odor and play a certain role in air purification.

    For example, like hospitals, schools, nurseries, cinemas, buses, offices, hotels, pet stores and other types of public places, especially during the epidemic, various places need to be fully disinfected. UV air sterilizer lamp plays a good role in the protection.

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