Water Treatment & Disinfection

Types of UV Tube in Water Treatment & Disinfection

  • Water Storage Tank

    It does not produce toxic and harmful by-products and does not increase the AOC content of drinking water. UV disinfection does not change the characteristics of organic matter and does not produce harmful side effects as no chemicals are added.

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  • Swimming Pools

    UV light is used to remove and control bound residual chlorine (chloramines) in indoor swimming pools with the addition of secondary disinfection. Today, with the growing health concerns, along with the maturity of the pool market, the demand for UV disinfection equipment will become more widespread.

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Pretreatment of UV Light Water Disinfection

  • In order to reduce the potential introduction of microorganisms into the production process, pre-treatment of process water with sterilization is a half-hearted measure. UVC water disinfection without the introduction of chemicals can avoid the risk of sterilization byproducts and the odor associated with biocides, as opposed to the "chemical" methods of chlorination or chlorination.

The Advantages of Longpro UV Light Disinfection Water Treatment

  • No detrimental taste or smell

  • No addition of chemicals

  • No environmental impact

  • Short radiation time of ultraviolet treatment of water

  • Effective against chlorine-resistant pathogens

  • Easy to use

  • Low maintenance

  • Very low operating costs

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