What Are the Characteristics of Different Infrared Heating Tubes?

Infrared heating tube, infrared medium wave single tube heater, carbon wave heater, medium pressure ultraviolet germicidal lamp, UV curing lamp, etc. are widely used in drying, drying elements, glass coating, textile printing and coating, wood furniture coating, water-based material coating, printing industry, printed circuit board (PCB) industry, plastics industry, leather industry, flocking, membrane switches, drying in automobile manufacturing, food, medicine, and other industries.

The infrared heating tube utilizes a tubular heater heated by infrared rays. It has the characteristics of good quality, high thermal efficiency, high power density, rapid temperature rise, power-saving, and long life. It is an energy-saving heating technology that developed rapidly in the 1980s. Infrared heating tube is listed as a key project in society and has achieved gratifying economic benefits.

Infrared is frequently used in industrial heating or drying. Such as the process of heating, drying, and curing of surfaces such as automobiles, plastics, printing, glass, textiles, food, metal parts, circuit board packaging, films, and electronic boundaries. Quartz near-infrared and far-infrared use transparent or semi-transparent quartz glass as the lamp shell to prevent the occurrence of near-infrared or far-infrared radiation spectrum. Infrared is an electromagnetic wave that travels at the speed of light and carries high energy. The radiation intensity and wavelength of infrared rays of the same power difference model will also be different.

1. Features of the long-wave infrared heating tube

The heating speed is fast, the heating is average, the thermal inertia is small, and it only takes 1-3 minutes to reach the constant temperature of the component. The electric energy radiation conversion efficiency is as high as 60%-75%, the hot and cold does not burst, energy-saving and the service life of infrared heating lamp tube is long.

2. Features of the short-wave infrared heating tube

The short-wave infrared heating tube can heat up in 1-3 seconds, which makes the heating process control more sensitive. Single tube and twin-tube have high-efficiency and durable gold-coated reflective layers, which can save energy consumption and increase service life, and its service life is usually more than 5000 hours. And it is widely used in the drying and curing of high-speed printing equipment, and can quickly heat the surface of plastics, water, and other solvents. It also has the characteristic that the drying effect can be quickly absorbed by the water film.

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