What is the difference between 185nm and 254nm UV lamps

The difference between ozonated UV lamps and non-ozone UV

UV germicidal lamps belong to low-pressure mercury lamps, which have two main peak UV radiation, non-ozone 254nm (253.7nm), ozone 185nm germicidal lamps.





Ozone type UV lamp

Ozone has a strong oxidation effect, can effectively kill bacteria, ozone dispersion can precisely make up for the shortcomings of disinfection due to UV only along a straight line, there are dead ends.

Inhalation of excessive ozone can strongly stimulate the human respiratory tract, causing sore throat, chest tightness and coughing, bronchitis and emphysema, and requires ventilation to dissipate after disinfection.

Ozone-free UV lamp

Minimal ozone generation, harmless to human body

UV light only travels along a straight line, disinfection has a dead end

Why do I smell a slight burning, pungent smell after the ozone-free lamp is started?

Whenever the room has just been disinfected with UV germicidal lamps, there is always an unpleasant smell after going in. Do you remember the smell on the quilt after the quilt was tanned at home? Through access to relevant literature and research that, under ultraviolet radiation, through electron radiation or exposure from diatomic oxygen can naturally form ozone, in fact, ozone-free mercury lamps are not strictly true ozone-free UVC lamps, which still produce trace amounts of ozone when irradiation occurs, according to the specifications, ozone-free type UVC germicidal lamp irradiation after the ozone is a very small amount, basically harmless to humans.

How to choose ozone lamps and ozone-free lamps

UVC lamp selection, should be based on the actual application of the scene for scientific selection.

Ozone-free germicidal lamps: UVC lamp ozone free causes no ozone characteristics, to LONGPRO UVC germicidal lamp products, for example, have been widely used in air sterilization, water treatment, surface sterilization, blood inactivation, microbial inactivation, cosmetics / food production flow and other applications.

Ozone germicidal lamps: 185nm wavelength UVC and air action can produce strong oxidizing ozone, can kill bacteria where UVC does not irradiate, can effectively kill bacteria, LONGPRO's ozone UVC lamp products have been used in various fields such as sewage treatment, tap water dechlorination, exhaust fume decomposition, air purification and methanol removal, etc. LONGPRO no Ozone germicidal lamps are manufactured using quartz glass, which is more penetrating and has a higher effective UVC light transmission rate compared to Gopeng glass, and the UV radiation intensity of the lamp will be higher.

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