What is the Difference Between a Quartz Heating Tube and a Carbon Fiber Heating Tube

1. Energy consumption comparison: The quartz heat lamp relies on black wire to form a resistance to generate heat. The carbon fiber heating element is a pure black body material. The visible light is minimal during the electric-heat conversion process, and the electric-heat conversion efficiency is more than 95%. Compared with nickel-chromium, tungsten-molybdenum, and other materials as the heater of the heating element, it can save energy by 30% (experimental test data).

2. Comparison of service life: The service life of the general quartz heating tube is 2000-3000 hours. The service life of a carbon fiber heating tube is 5000-8000 hours.

3. Tube comparison: Quartz tube heaters only need a simple packaging process, and carbon fiber heating tubes need to be vacuumed. The quartz heating tube and the carbon fiber heating tube were energized and worked for half an hour. At the same time, the destructive test was done in water. The result was that the quartz heating tube was broken, and the carbon fiber heating tube was intact. The power supply continued to work.

4. Transparency rate of quartz tube: The transparency rate of quartz tube directly affects the heat generation of the lamp tube. Ordinary quartz tubes are simply made of quartz stone mica, etc., and carbon fiber quartz tubes are purified and dehydroxylated. The hydroxyl content of the quartz tube directly affects its calorific value.

5. Environmental protection comparison: The metal tungsten in the quartz heating germicidal tube is a non-renewable resource. The carbon fiber filament is an environmentally friendly material that can be regenerated and is inexhaustible. Waste carbon fiber yarn will not pollute the environment.

6. The temperature and power of the carbon fiber heating tube are adjustable. It can meet various industrial requirements of the equipment.

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