Why Do UV Lamps Need Electronic Ballasts?

With the continuous expansion of the application field of ultraviolet sterilization lamp, in order to maximize the development of applying ultraviolet lamp, the current ultraviolet lamp is equipped with special UV electronic ballast, so that the intensity output of ultraviolet lamp has been greatly improved. Do you know what role UV electronic ballasts play in ultraviolet germicidal lamps and what precautions should be taken in the selection of UV electronic ballasts?

Ⅰ. What is a UV electronic ballast?

UV electronic ballast is simply a metal conductive coil. It can work at low frequency (50 ~ 60 Hz) or high frequency (10 ~ 100 kHz). Because the heat loss of the coil is small, it is more effective than the resistance. It can limit current and produce instantaneous high and too high pressure.

First appeared, the structure is relatively simple. The inductive UV electronic ballast uses the inductive reactance and self induced electromotive force of the inductor to light the gas discharge lamp. The self induced electromotive force "breaks through" the gas of the lamp tube to start the lamp tube, and the inductor limits the current of the lamp tube without burning it. Because the UV electronic ballast has the advantages of energy saving and consumption reduction, rapid low-voltage start, high power factor, and the service life of ultraviolet lamp is greatly prolonged. Traditional inductive UV electronic ballasts are gradually replaced by special UV electronic ballasts. Although the cost has increased, in the long run, its potential economic benefits are very considerable.

Ⅱ. Functions of the UV electronic ballast

There are mainly the following two aspects:

1. Generate high pressure and build luminance of the lamp tube to break the rare gas in the lamp;

2. After the lamp is induced, it acts as UV electronic ballast (current limiting) to make the lamp work normally and stably

Gas discharge lamps have high starting voltage and low discharge sustaining voltage When the lamp is started through high voltage, the voltage drops and the current increases. If not limited, the lamp current will continue to increase until the lamp is burned out. Therefore, it is necessary to connect a UV electronic ballast (UV lamp electronic ballast) matching the type and specification of the lamp in series in the lighting circuit of the discharge lamp to provide a high starting voltage for starting the lamp, and limit the lamp current to stabilize it within the specified range.


1. Instantaneous start v.s. delayed start

When matching low-power lamps, the impact is not obvious, but when matching high-power UVC tube light for sterilization (such as 120W, 150W and 320W), the instantaneous start has a great impact on the service life of ultraviolet lamps. This is because when the ultraviolet sterilization lamp is started, the starting current required is very large, which is easy to break through the lamp tube, and the delayed start can reduce the instantaneous pressure through energy storage and play a better role in protecting the lamp tube.

2. Select the appropriate model

Be sure to choose the appropriate model. Since the core function of the UV electronic ballast is to protect the ultraviolet lamp and prolong the service life. If the selected UV electronic ballast does not match the lamp parameters, both parties could be damaged.

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