Why Does UV Germicida Lamp Need Electronic Ballast?

With the continuous expansion of the application field of the UV germicidal lamp, in order to maximize the use of the UV lamp, the current UV lamp is equipped with special electronic ballast, which greatly improves the intensity output of the UV lamp. Do you know what role the electronic ballast plays in the UV germicidal lamp, and what are the precautions for the selection of the ballast?

1. What is a UV germicidal lamp ballast?

Ballast is simply a metal conductive coil, which can work at low frequency or high frequency. Because the heat loss of the coil is small, it is more effective than the resistance. It can play the role of limiting current and generating instantaneous high pressure.

When it first appeared, its structure was relatively simple. The inductive ballast uses the inductive reactance and self-inductive electromotive force of the inductance to light the gas discharge lamp. The self-inductive electromotive force "breaks down" the gas of the lamp to start the lamp, and the inductance limits the current of the lamp to prevent it from burning. Because the electronic ballast has the advantages of energy saving and consumption reduction, rapid low-voltage startup, high power factor, and the service life of the UV germicidal lamp with ozone is greatly prolonged. The traditional inductive ballast is gradually replaced by a dedicated electronic ballast. Although the cost has increased, in the long run, its potential economic benefits are very considerable.

2. The role of UV germicidal lamp ballast

(1) High pressure is generated, and the starting lamp tube breaks the rare gas in the lamp.

(2) After the germicidal light starts to glow, it acts as a ballast (current limiting), so that the lamp can work normally and stably.

Gas discharge lamps have high starting voltage and low discharge sustaining voltage. When the lamp is started through high voltage, the voltage drops and the current increases. If there is no restriction, the lamp current will continue to increase until the lamp is burned. Therefore, a ballast matching the type and specification of the lamp must be connected in series in the lighting circuit of the discharge lamp to provide a high starting voltage for starting the lamp and limit the lamp current to stabilize it within the specified range.

3. Precautions for using UV germicidal lamp ballast

(1) Instant start V.S. Delay start

When matching low-power lamps, the impact is not very obvious. But when matching high-power UV germicidal lamp (such as 120W, 150W, 320W, etc.), the instantaneous start has a great impact on the service life of the UV lamp. This is because the required starting current is very large when the UV germicidal lamp starts, easy to break down the lamp tube; while the delayed start reduces the instantaneous pressure through energy storage, which has a better protection effect on the lamp tube.

(2) Select the adaptation

Be sure to select the appropriate model. Since the core function of the ballast is to protect the UV germicidal light and prolong the service life, if the ballast selected does not match the lamp parameters, both parties are victims.

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