Why Infrared Heating Tube is Energy-saving?

At present, the heating method of the infrared heating tubes is energy-saving. Why can infrared heating tubes save energy? How does it save energy?

Initially, the heating method commonly used in the market is hot air heating. The equipment required for this heating method is relatively large, and before heating the object, a series of preparatory work needs to be carried out. The heating can be officially started when the heating indicators are reached. Therefore, the preheating time is relatively long, the time consumed by the hot air heating method is relatively long, and the requirements for the working space are relatively high, so the energy consumption is relatively large.

The infrared heating tube is the opposite, and its working limitations are relatively low, and it can work in any space. Moreover, compared with the traditional heating method, the infrared heating method has higher heat transfer efficiency. For heating, the same object, the heating method of the infrared heating lamp tube consumes less time, and it does not need to consume other energy. It can work when powered on.

Therefore, it also complies with the call for energy saving and emission reduction and achieves the purpose of saving energy in the drying field. While ensuring the increase in work efficiency, no other heat transfer medium is required. Unlike the traditional heat source heating method, drying by wind will lead to secondary pollution of the product, thereby affecting the quality of the product. And different objects can be matched to infrared rays of different wavelengths, so different disinfection lamp supplier need to introduce infrared heating tubes in a targeted manner, so as to achieve more efficient drying and heating work without wasting time.

The infrared heating tube has high thermal efficiency, and can save time and resources. It is an inevitable trend to replace the traditional heating method, and it is not surprising that it can be widely used by enterprises.

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