Will the Food Irradiated by the Ultraviolet Lamp Harm the Human Body?

The principle of ultraviolet sterilization is to destroy the DNA molecules of bacteria and viruses with specific nano-wavelengths, so that bacteria and viruses cannot reproduce. When processing food, ultraviolet rays destroy bacterial cells, which will not cause heat or destroy nutrients. Because DNA is not a nutrient component of microbial molecules, and the material molecules needed by the human body will not be destroyed, it will not leave carcinogens in the food, and will not cause changes in the nutrients that constitute the food and produce substances that are not beneficial to the human body.

The advantage of ultraviolet food sterilization is that it avoids the "odor" and chemical residues of chemical fungicides or preservatives without changing the natural flavor of the food. And for some foods that we want to maintain the "natural state", such as fruit juice and other beverages, ultraviolet lamp for disinfection belongs to cold sterilization. Compared with heat sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization does not need to heat the material, which uses its sterilization mechanism to kill microorganisms, thus boasting the advantage of avoiding heating, which may destroy food ingredients. Ultraviolet sterilization will not damage the nutrients and taste of food, nor will it produce other substances, so the food is safe and edible.

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